Friday, May 9, 2008

baya weavers' nests

the last time i saw a baya weaver bird's nest was at jalan gemala in lim chu kang. the fact is: you do not see just one nest, you will see a host of them on the same tree. at jalan gemala, there were at least two trees laden with these specially tailored nests.

today, i was driving along the new brickland road, the one that links choa chu kang to bukit batok, when i saw a place that was worth exploring. there was a wide canal with a narrow path on each side of it and there was not a single soul in sight. ( i was to find out later the reason for this.)

the path was paved. on both sides were secondary forests. i came across evidence of earlier habitation. the squatters in that area must have been resettled to nearby choa chu kang or bukit batok.

i saw a white bellied sea eagle perched high on one of the tall trees but i was unable to photograph it because it would fly off each time i got too near. i recognise it as a sea eagle because there is one that flies around the pond near my place. then i saw these familiar nests which i could identify as belonging to the baya weaver.

further in, there is a road across the canal. later, after referring to the street directory, i found out that this road is linked to lam san road at one end and jurong road at the other. the whole area is a protected area, an army training area. now, i know why there was nobody around.

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