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Friday, October 15, 2010

markets of the past

market a

market b

market c

market d

market e

market f

market g

recently, i blogged about the people's park market. the hokkiens referred to it as 'chin choo pa sat'. in the 50s and 60s, there were a number of markets which were better known by their chinese or hokkien names.
most of the markets in the above pictures have disappeared from the singapore scene. some are still around but they are no longer playing their original role. more than one has been replaced and relocated. can you match and give the proper names - not the hokkien names of these markets?
their hokkien names, not in order of appearance, are tang leng pa sat; tih pa sat; sin pa sat; lau pa sat; gu chia chwee pa sat; tek kah pa sat; and pek kio pa sat.
in the past i used to hear the name 'tih pa sat' being mentioned but i had not actually seen the place, except in oldhotographs. i am familiar with tek kah pa sat because a close relative used to have a stall in that market. in those days, the market was confined to the building proper; it spilled onto the roads around it. i had been to gu chia chwee pa sat, just for the cooked food; i still visit the place for cooked food. when i was a school-boy, i used to walk past and sometimes visit pek kio p sat. i remember the cows and the dungs outside the market area. i know that tang leng pa sat, sin pa sat and lau pa sat existed but i had not visited these places when they were wet markets.
market a is a giveaway. the answer is clyde terrace market. what about markets b, c, d, e, f and g?
all photos from national archives of singapore