Saturday, May 3, 2008

mangosteens along neo tiew crescent

some of the taller mangosteen trees that line neo tiew crescent have started to bear fruit. the first fruit harvest of a mangosteen tree may take place 7 - 9 years after planting, but most take place in the first 10 - 20 years.

the average yield of a full grown tree is 500, but some yield as many as 3000 ripe mangosteens. some mangosteen trees continue to fruit up to 100 years.

the mangosteen tree is 'ultra-tropical' and cannot tolerate temperatures below 4.4 degrees celcius or above 37.8 degrees celcius.

ripeness is gauged by the full development of colour and slight softening. picking may be done when the fruit is slightly unripe but they must be fully developed or they will not ripen after picking.

the fruit on the trees along neo tiew crescent will not be ready for harvesting until about two months later. the ripe mangosteen has to be picked by hand; it should not be allowed to fall by itself.

the tree next to the bus-stop outside the sungei buloh wetland reserve has quite a number of young fruit on it.

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