Thursday, May 29, 2008

us dollar vis-a-vis s'pore dollar

this image taken off the television shows teletext page 481. for a few days already, it has been showing the us $ to one s'pore dollar as 0.773.. it seems to suggest that the us $ is weaker than the swiss franc at 0.763.. and the australian $ at 0.762.

if aud$0.762 equals to s$1.00, then aud$1.00 is roughly equal to s$1.31. if us$0.773 equals to s$1.00, the us$1.00 is equal to s$1.29. we all know that at the moment the us dollar is about s$1.36.

so, should the correct figure be 0.7323 instead of 0.77323?

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