Saturday, May 10, 2008

the southern ridges - it's finally open

i was surprised to hear on the radio that the southern ridges were officially opened by the prime minister today. all along, i thought it was only the hort park's official opening. as i was in the vicinity of the henderson waves, i decided that i had to experience walking across the highest pedestrian bridge in singapore in spite of my fear of height.

i had imagined hordes of people walking on the bridge almost shoulder to shoulder in both directions. it turned out that there were only a handful of people strolling along the balau wooden floor of the bridge. the undulating curves of the steel bridge makes it look like a huge serpent stretched between telok blangah hill and mt faber.

although it boasts of a panoramic view of the city, the harbour and the southern islands, the trees obscure part of this view. the preferred view will be towards the sea where you can see some of the ships in the harbour.

unlike the suspension bridge at the treetop walk, the henderson bridge is so wide and long that there is no need to restrict the number of people on the bridge at any one time.

cannot wait to cover the entire stretch of the southern ridges. will do it next week.

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