Saturday, May 24, 2008

from canopy walk to alexandra arch

it is going to take us three visits to complete the entire stretch of the southern ridges. the group's first visit was on wednesday when we covered the stretch from henderson waves to the harbourfront. after a one day break, on friday, we started at kent ridge park and made it to the alexandra arch. getting off the arch, we walked to alexandra village for our sustenance.

at kent ridge park, we chose to walk along the canopy walk. at the end of the canopy walk, we made a short right to walk down some steps which led us to the crookedest path in singapore. the start of the path is about 500m from the hort park.

there were a lot of wonderful distractions at the hort park that, for some moments, i thought we would be spending the entire morning discovering new plants and getting acquainted with all the themes of the garden hub. but without tall trees to provide cover from the sun, my friend could be forgiven for thinking that its name was 'hot' park.

we are now left with the hilltop walk and forest walk to cover before we can claim to have walked the whole length of the southern ridges. the hilltop walk is at telok blangah hill and the forest walk is actually the stepless elevated walkway that joins up with the alexandra arch.

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