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Sunday, March 15, 2009

how many know of our own coney island?

i walked along the coast from the punggol point jetty in the direction of coney island. (this huge tanker was headed for pasir gudang in johor.) i recalled those younger days when we used to canoe, rather sampan, from pasir ris to coney island and back. once, i swam from the island to the mainland, so i know the island is not far from punggol on the mainland. i think at the nearest point, it is about 100m from the mainland.

a concrete wall has been built on both sides, the mainland and the island side facing the mainland. i think this is in preparation for the construction of the reservoir and the three bridges that will link the island to the mainland. looks like work is still going on to deepen the narrow strait between punggol and coney island as there were a dredge and two barges nearby. at the other end, reclamation work is still going on.

reclamation work will eventually increase the size of the island to about 50 hectares. coney island is also called serangoon island.

somewhere in the middle of this quiet stretch, i came across this make-shift structure. along the way, i had seen a few lean-tos, temporary, improvised tents, which anglers used to seek shelter from the weather. but, this one was different.

there were jerry cans for storing water, a barbeque stand, table, chairs and utensils for cooking as well as crockery. it looked like someone was operating a makan place in the middle of nowhere. there was even a surf-board and a paddle for rowing. but, there was no one in sight.

looks like the person who is operating this stall may be catering to those who fish overnight around this area.