Tuesday, May 13, 2008

countryside living in singapore

tucked away in different corners in bustling singapore are a number of black and white bungalows which are very popular with the expatriate community. these single or double-storey bungalows have white walls and black wood exteriors and are tudor in style. while some have been converted into restaurants and offices, most are still residential in nature.

one lot of such houses are so well-hidden that they are not known to most singaporeans. they are located behind the media corp transmission towers at lorong sesuai at bukit batok nature park. most of us are aware of the colonial houses at seletar, sembawang and lornie road because the buildings are visible from the main road.

however, in the case of the houses at hume heights as well as those at canterbury road, berkshire road and cornwall road, not many people have seen these houses except the happy wanderers and the people whose work take them to these places, like the grass cutters, the delivery men and the meter readers.

this place at hume heights has such a rustic charm that some of the tenants have been staying - should say, living - there for as long as fifteen years. there is no sound of traffic; the only sounds that you will hear are the chirping of birds and the calls of insects. quite a number of the tenants have planted fruit trees and food crops in their spacious garden.

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