Tuesday, May 27, 2008

longest walkway in s'pore

today, i covered part of the third section of the southern ridges - the section that joins telok blangah hill to the hort park. the maze of metal walkways and stairs is truly amazing. at 1.3km long, it can lay claim to the longest walkway in singapore.

i parked at car-park 3, next to the mt faber service reservoir. not many people know of this small car park, that is why car-parks 1 and 2 are usually full whereas you can still find a space at this car park. not for long though.

the walkways, besides having stairs leading to the earth trail, also have openings at two places along preston road. many people would not have known of the colonial houses at preston road if not for the opening up of this area. preston is a road that ends at an international school.

i got acquainted with three plants/trees along the walk. they are the benjamin fig, the nyatoh tree and the climbing noni. the fruit of the climbing noni is about the size of a cherry.

as you approach the arch, on your left you can see an old durian tree, laden with at least 80 durians. however, the real treat during the walk was the sight of at least six orioles flitting from tree to tree. most of them were on initially on the saga seed (adenanthera pavonina) tree near the arch.

surprisingly and thankfully, the metal walkway does not get slippery when it is wet unlike the grill covers on some drains.

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