Monday, May 5, 2008

commune houses in singapore ?

this morning, i went to check out old holland road because chun see posed me a question: could i confirm that the stretch of road, with one end at ulu pandan and the other end at bukit timah, was known as old holland road.

i was quite sure that there was an 'old holland road' at bukit timah side as i used to travel this quiet road to get to ulu pandan and then to ghim moh road. but even though i went to both ends, i am still not certain of the answer.

when i was at the point where old holland road joins blackmore drive, i saw a well-trodden path. i decided to check it out to see if it led to any disused road.

for a moment, i thought i had stumbled upon some houses in a commune in mainland china. the old brick buildings with tiled roofs indeed reminded me of houses that i saw on the train journey to guangzhou. to complete this picture, there were some fowls pecking away at the back of one of the houses.

i did not meet anyone but i know there were occupants because there was washing hung up to dry and at one corner, i saw a poster of the now famous or rather infamous missing person.


Lam Chun See said...

I have seen these huts before many times. I wanted to post the fotos on my blog to let people guess where this place was.

By the way, you seem to have many blogs; I am getting a bit confused.

yg said...

hi chun see,
may be i need some advice from you regarding the blogs. i remember coming across this pointer that you should not have too many entries in one blog. that's why i upgrade (start a new one) each time i have around 200 entries. should i just stick to one blog?

Lam Chun See said...

I don't think it is a good idea to have so many blogs becos it will be difficult for other people (me for example) to link to your blog.

As for large number of entries, I know of people who have been blogging for years on the same blog. More important I think is to define you categories properly so that it is easy for people to navigate and explore your blog. Maybe that advice was given in the earlier days when Blogger was not so sophisticated.

Anyway, I am not expert. I think you shd visit other people's blogs and see how they do it. All the best.

yg said...

thanks for taking time to share your experience.

pinto said...

Hi yg! I'm here via Chun See's blog.

I wanted to see where the huts were located, and stumbled onto this discussion. Call it Providence. =)

Most definitely, stick to one blog. Chun See's advice is quite sound.

Having everything in one blog makes it a lot easier for readers, especially those who subscribe to your feed. It's the thing right at the bottom of your blog - "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)".

I think you have the right idea by using the labels. You can make them much more effective if you use commas to separate the keywords. For example, this post would be labelled: around singapore, old houses

So if there are other posts with the same labels, your readers can easily find them by clicking on 'around singapore' or 'old houses'. Hope this makes sense. There is also a sidebar widget that can display your categories.

Let me know if that made sense. I can be a bit verbose when describing how to do things with blogs.

yg said...

hi pinto,

thanks so much for your ideas and suggestions. i will take them up, and also the advice to stick to one blog.

Thimbuktu said...

Hi yg,

I came here via Chun See's blog.

Chun See is a veteran blogger whose "Good Morning Yesterday" blogsite is one of the best "theme-specific" blogsites which focus on things, places, events and memories of yesterday...usually comparing them to what we find today. His personal keen observations and recollection of his childhood experience brought to life these nostalgic journeys which are valuable lessons for the young. GMY is one of my favorite blogs too.

If I may use an analogy, blogs are like foodstalls. You go to a stall within a food court serving a wide variety of foodstuff under one roof to have your favorite, say, sushi from the Japanese foodstall, among many others. Else you go to a Japanese Restaurant...where you get only what suits your Korean food, no nasi goreng, no rojak or chilli crab.

To each his own taste, to each his own favorite blog.

Heinekken (Cheers in Finnish...just saw this on someone's T-shirt :)

yg said...

hi thimbuktu,

ya, i am also a fan of chun see. i visit his blog regularly, that's how i became a blog-friend of his.

thanks for making things clearer to me by way of the analogy.

tstar said...

Wow, didn't know these kind of places still exist!

Anonymous said...

Interesting houses but they looked errie to me.