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Saturday, November 22, 2008

ponggol hotel?

i was going through my match-box collection when i came across this match-box from ponggol hotel. it puzzles me. i can somewhat recall seeing a hotel in pasir ris long ago but a hotel in ponggol, i cannot remember.

according to the information on the match-box, the hotel was located at the end of track 24, off ponggol road. i cannot find it in my 1969 street directory. which means the hotel could have existed earlier, in the 50s, perhaps?

i remember between tracks 24 and 26, there was a small village and there was a community centre at track 24. up to the 80s, when secondary 3 students attended the 5-day obs course, the pre-course briefing was done at this community centre.

there was a boatel at track 26 but i still cannot picture where the hotel could have been. according to the illustration on the match-box, it appears to be located near the coast.