Saturday, May 17, 2008

the things they sell @ pasar malam

the 'pasar malams' at my place are appearing more frequently and the interval between one pasar malam and the next is getting shorter. long ago, i heard there was a ruling about not repeating the pasar malam along the same stretch of road within a six month period. so, the organiser got around this ruling by locating the pasar malam to the opposite side of the same road. it seems to me that this restriction is no longer in place.

we had a pasar malam, which usually lasts about a week, at my place about a month ago and now there is another pasar malam along the same stretch of road. each time, after a pasar malam, the grass would all be dead/pale yellow because the planks had been placed over the grass patch, thus depriving the green grass of sunlight.

in singapore, one pasar malam is no different from another because the same vendors are moving around. these are staples at all pasar malams: ramly burgers, sugar-cane juice, seasonal fruit, musical dvds, handphone covers, malay stall selling fried food and otah, furniture and mattresses, potted plants, toys and stationery, pop corn, chinese stall selling tea egg, groundnuts, muah chee and taiwanese sausage, clothings and socks, school bags, japanese takoyaki and game stall.

one thing you do not expect to be sold at a pasar malam is a car. i am not talking about toy cars or match-box cars but hondas, suzukis and toyotas. yes, there is one stall that has these japanese cars on display. these are brand new cars, not used ones.

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