Monday, May 5, 2008

favourite chwee kway stall

chwee kway is steamed rice cake, eaten with preserved radish. it is normally a breakfast item. however, at ghim moh food centre, you can have the chwee kway throughout the day. minimum purchase is 4 pieces for $1.20.

as i have said before, it all boils down to a matter of taste and personal preferences. to quite a number of people, the tiong bahru chwee kuay is the best, but for me, i prefer the chwee kway at ghim moh food centre. i have tried both as well as the bedok's and tekka's.

another stall which sells chwee kway that i like is at bendemeer food centre. the lady who sells the chwee kuay is 'a bit off', often talking to nobody in particular. anyway who cares about the personality of the seller as long as the food is good.

have also tried the chwee kway - the size of a mini pizza - at cambridge road food centre. each chwee kway costs 90 cents (was 60cents in 2006) . the chwee kways are machine made but they are still quite tasty. the owner of the stall used to live in the same kampong as i.

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