Thursday, May 15, 2008

seafood dinner @ jumbo east coast

many years ago, i ate at a jumbo restaurant in a country club at serangoon garden; though i was aware that there was another restaurant by the same name at east coast park, i had never visited it until last night. in fact, it was my first visit to east coast seafood centre. so many overseas visitors have raved about the seafood served at the centre and yet some singaporeans like me have not stepped foot there.

this is like a week of meeting up with former students i had lost touch with since i left balestier for ghim moh. the gathering was primarily a farewell dinner for wing nam, who flies back to hong kong tomorrow, but it was also a chance for me to meet other two former students whom i have not seen since 1975. they are johnny tan and cheng yan.

kim seng, a sia pilot, flies the airbus 380 to sydney and london. each month, he flies twice to sydney and once to london. also found out that he is a buddy of p james, the president of the air lines pilot association - singapore (alpa-s) whom i meet at least once a month. cheng yan, who once worked in lam soon and then seagate, is now the vice-president of an american company manufacturing modems for singtel.

also at the dinner were swee hee, kum lay and his wife, soon leong, simon, ron sim, herman ho, kwan, thai soon and, of course, wing nam and his wife. we were there from about 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

there was much talk about organising a big get-together of oac members. the proposal was to hold it at a resturant owned by one of the former oac members, belinda. wing nam told me that he would definitely be back if swee hee was to organise this big bash in 2010.

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doris said...

the bhts gathering should get bigger as the years go by, eh!