Friday, May 2, 2008

how much is a cup of coffee?

today, we were having our post-walk makan at cambridge road pek kio food centre when i received a jolt when told of the price of a cup of coffee. the morning cup of coffee - mind you, not a mug - costs 100 cents ($1.00); without milk, that means coffee black, it is 90 cents.

my friend, who needs his daily fix of coffee to perk him up in the morning, said that it costs just as much at another of his favourite coffee haunt at jalan berseh. we are talking about the working men's coffee, not the coffee that young people and students drink at starbucks, the coffee bean and other similar outlets.

huat cheong, one of my walking kakis, whose father used to operate a coffee shop at macullum street, told us that in the days of yore, a cup of black coffee cost 12 cents and one with milk added cost 15 cents.

just ten years ago, in 1988, a cup of coffee with milk cost 50 cents. so, within these 10 years, it has increased by 100%. sure, most coffee stalls and shops are still selling a cup of coffee at below a dollar but it is a matter of time before they all match this new price.

looks like it is high time we kicked this habit of drinking coffee.... at coffee stalls, shops and clubs.

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