Tuesday, May 6, 2008

dragon fruit farm in lim chu kang

today, i took victor and helen to the dragon fruit farm in lim chu kang that seenthisscenethat blogged about. this is the first time that they did not have their home-grown dragon fruit on sale. last year, they were selling the fruit at $5/kg, which was slightly higher than the price at ntuc supermarkets and sheng siong. a fortnight ago, when i visited it was $4/kg. my friend still bought because, according to him, the farm's fruit was juicier and sweeter than the bland ones sold at supermarkets.

i enjoy visiting this place because, like kok fah at sungei tengah, they allow you to explore the place on your own. dragon fruit is not the only thing sold on this farm. you can get to buy local passion fruit as well as thai passion fruit, ribena, dried sweet leaves (stevia), papaya, orchid flowers and potted plants.

although dragon fruit is the main produce, they also grow plants like the red longbeans, red sweet potatoes, pepper, basil, kangkong, passion fruit and even grapes among others.

victor bought four packets of local passion fruit and two thai passion fruit. he had also asked the owner, mr lee, if he grew a herbal plant, which is a traditional treatment for those with diabetes. victor wanted to buy two pots of 'hempedu bumi' but mr lee gave them to him for free.

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