Wednesday, May 21, 2008

two balding trees @ upper seletar

over at upper seletar reservoir park, there are two huge trees, belonging to the same species, which have been shedding their leaves during this hot and dry spell. the one near the public toilet, next to car park b, has lost most of its leaves and its fruit, the kapok. the other one, which still retains some of its leaves and fruit, is found nearer to the executive golf course.

these two trees, although they bear the same name as the kapok tree which i blogged about earlier, seem to be of a different variety. in fact, when i first noticed them, i was not sure if they were kapok trees until i went to the botanic gardens again to check and make camparison. yes, they do look like the majestic one in the botanic gardens.

i took pictures of the two trees on different days. when i was taking pictures of the first tree, the one near the toilet, i noticed two squirrels looking for seeds among the cotton-like kapok. really marvel at how these small animals will go to such great heights to source for food.

while i was at the other tree to take pictures, i could see the fibre floating to the ground from the top of the tree. the grassy slope and the ground around the tree were all littered with the kapok.

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