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Friday, December 5, 2008

how my ring finger got crushed

this morning when i opened the front door to collect the daily newspapers, i found out that the there was some problem with the burglar/security alarm. each time, when the door was opened, it would make a beeping sound. but, this morning, it was mute. i discovered that the cover had been dislodged.

so i grabbed the nearest available chair, got onto it and tried to fix the cover. the next moment i came crushing down. i must have shifted my weight and this caused the folding chair to collapse. as i came down, my ring finger got caught between the gap on one side of the chair. i felt as if my finger was in a vise.

my cry of pain brought my wife and younger girl ida rushing down. ida went to get some crushed ice pieces and put them in a plastic bag. my wife, in a panicky state, did not know which side to move the leg of the chair so as to free the finger. if she moved it the wrong way, it would cause the grip to tighten around the finger which was stuck in the gap. finally, ida managed to figure out the correct way.

i used some tissue papers and applied direct pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. i also placed the plastic bag of ice over the crushed part. then my wife got some bandage and poured proflavine hemisulphate lotion onto it before wrapping it around the injured finger.

later, ida messaged me from her work place - she is doing her internship at kpmg - to persuade me to go and see a doctor.

i just checked the damage - the skin just before the nail got scrapped off, revealing the flesh beneath and on the other side of the finger, there were some lacerations.

lesson from this incident: make sure your place your weight at the right place when standing on a collapsible platform or don't stand up on something that lacks a strong foundation.