Thursday, May 8, 2008

floral walk and hort park

today i happened to wander into a place where a lot of people were busy making preparations for the official opening of the place. a rehearsal was going on and contractors were all over the park putting up tentage, doing landscaping and generally, putting a lot of things into place.

the floral walk and hort park forms one section of the southern ridges, which was my main reason for being there. i have been looking forward to the opening of all sections of the southern ridges to the public.

the southern ridges comprises the canopy walk (at kent ridge), the flora walk and hort park, the alexandria arch, the forest walk, the hilltop walk (at telok blangah hill), the henderson waves, the faber walk (at mt faber) and the marang trail.

i decided to cover at least two sections of the southern ridges - floral walk and hort park and the canopy walk. so as not to be a nuisance to the people busy with their finishing touches in the park, i walked along hyderabad road towards canterbury road, from where i followed the 700m track that led to the canopy walk.

along canterbury road, came across this swing suspended from the tall, sturdy branch of a tree. whoever strung the ropes around the branch must be a very good tree climber. incidentally, there is a tree climbing demonstration at hort park this saturday, its official opening date.

since i cannot wait till the end of this month to cover all the sections, covering two sections of it for the moment will suffice - so, no fish, prawns also can, lah.

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Anonymous said...

is this another garden?