Sunday, May 18, 2008

the breadfruit (sukun in indonesian/malay)

my friend victor seems to have some special interest in the breadfruit tree. he planted one in a friend's garden at kovan close and he also tried planting one in old monk's hill secondary school. he usually refers to it by the indonesian name of 'sukun'.

at a food stall near geylang serai, they prepare the breadfruit in the same manner as the banana fritters. they cut it into thin slices and deep fry them with a coating of flour. cannot remember the name they give to it. must be goreng sukun. i have eaten it once and i thought it tasted a bit like yam.

there used to be a breadfruit tree growing on the piece of vacated land opposite the rail mall. it was just next to the overhead bridge for pedestrians. breadfruit trees can grow up to 20m tall. along lim chu kang road, if you are going in the direction of the jetty, there are a few breadfruit trees on the right, just after lane 8.

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