Thursday, February 5, 2009

this bridge is ready for crossing

the bridge linking the mainland (seletar) to pulau punggol barat and pulau punggol timor is ready for crossing. i blogged about the construction of this bridge in november last year. today, i walked across the bridge to pulau punggol barat. on the right side of the road bridge, there is a provision for pedestrians to walk across.

it is not yet opened to the public. there is still someone - employed by the construction company -near the access to the bridge checking on vehicles to ensure that they have legitimate business to use the bridge. however, he allows cyclists and motorcyclists through without much fuss. of course, he did not check me because i was on foot. some of the motorcyclists were carrying fishing equipment.

you can see from the pictures above that the street lamps are all (almost all) up and saplings have been planted on both sides of the road. however, the markings on the road have not been done.

as it is largely undisturbed, i came across birds like the spotted doves, the white-throated kingfishers, the white-bellied eagle (one only) and the burong pipit (those birds that i saw aplenty at d'kranji resort.

from the bridge, you can get a good view of the seletar airfield on the right. on the left is the view of the sea off yishun. there is pulau serangoon/seletar not far away and i think khatib bongsu is also within sight. across the waters is pasir gudang in johor.

work on the extension of the seletar expressway (sle) is still going on. i think only when the link is complete, will motorists be allowed to use the road bridge. the temporary causeway will be removed in due course and the seabed, reinstated.


Victor said...

Yg, did you access this bridge via West Camp Road? (See map here.) The Piccadily Road area near the sea is restricted camp area and Battersea Road is closed to the public - the gate near Piccadily Road is locked.

yg said...

victor, thks for showing the map. i approached from yishun ave 1 and access the bridge via seletar club rd.