Thursday, February 19, 2009

same type of food minus agonising wait

twice i tried eating at uno beef in lorong 5 toa payoh and both times i gave up. the first time when i tried to eat there, i was advised that it would be more than an hour wait before i could get my order. the second time i did not even get a chance to place an order because i could not find a parking space within the car-park. such was the popularity and demand at lorong 5 toa payoh.

when i found out that they have a branch at dover road and that there is no long wait, i decided to seek it out. it is located on the ground level of a car-park, block 19a. i was there at about 12 plus on a saturday and sure enough, there was no queue at this small food court outlet.

i opted for their signature dish - the ribeye steak. i have read reviews that the beef was even better than botak jones' and that it was priced just as competitively. at botak jones, you can choose the more expensive cuts but over here there is only one type of beef. so, you cannot compare the $11 with the $28 of botak jones.

i enjoyed the steak, just as good as botak jones and aston's. the gravy was nice and the baked potato was different from the usual style of cooked potatoes - mashed potato and potato chips. the garlic bread was a bit dry and hard though.

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