Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a docile snake at dairy farm quarry

normally, my encounter with any snake is one of the 'hello-goodbye' kind; you go your way, i go mine and we shall not stay to antagonize. i am actually scared, no, terrified, of snakes and when i see one, i will try to make myself scarce. that is because i am awfully scared of this slimy reptile. however, i also found out from previous encounters that snakes do not choose to confront the human kind; when they see a human, they normally slither away.

today i met one which actually appeared to be the friendly and docile kind. i came upon it in an open field. at first, i kept my distance because i was afraid that it could be the striking kind; the one that spits venom into your eyes. as i do not wear glasses these days, i have no protection if it should propel its venom at my eyes.

it took a while for us to size each other up. it must have decided that i was not the hostile kind because it carried on minding its own business and moving slowly from side to side. if it had moved towards me, i would have taken to my heels and left it far behind.

although the snake was about one and a half metres long, it did not appear to be threatening at any time. in fact, after i had overcome my initial fear and moved closer to it, it seemed quite nonchalant and was not bothered by my presence.

i even felt protective towards the snake and stayed with it for nearly 45 minutes before it finally decided to make its way into the undergrowth.

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