Monday, February 23, 2009

ever tried parking this way?

not enough space to park? why don't you try this position? the only problem is that you need a lot of help to get on top, and also to get off. and any sudden or vigorous movement may result in it slipping off.

friend (you know whom i am referring to), this has nothing to do with woman drivers.


Lam Chun See said...

I went to the Balestier Food Court which you blogged about earlier. It was so empty at peal lunch hour! Wonder why.

I like the old style marble tables and wooden chairs.

yg said...

maybe it's a monday. there are two sections - one halal and the other, non-halal. however, even on weekends, there are no queues at most of the stalls.

Victor said...

Even cars need to do it every now and then. No wonder there are suddenly so many small and young cars on the roads nowadays. Can't blame the Government for wanting to do some population control.

nah said...

You and I know that this is not the best position. But when age has caught up, and you know it is not performing to satisfaction, this is the only way. You see, at a scrap car yard, all low-performance and cannot-perform oldies which have been written off, end up in this position, waiting to be crushed.