Thursday, February 12, 2009

from godson to lover

i am not about to pass judgement on anyone but this case reminds me of two of my former colleagues, who when they were in their mid-twenties, also assumed the role of a 'godmother' to two of their charges in the school where they were teaching. they were teaching in the same secondary school. each one of them adopted a different student as her godson.

i must add that at the time when these two former colleagues of mine decided to be 'mothers', they were both single and unattached.

these two female teachers devoted much time and attention to their respective god children, both in school and outside school. one of them had as her godson, a student who needed a lot of help and guidance in his schoolwork. the other godson was an above average student, so it would seem the teacher just liked his personality.

like the woman in this case, they would go shopping and movies together. they were often seen having meals together at the nearby food centre. they would celebrate each other's birthdays. in both cases, this carried on even after the students had completed their secondary education.

i do not know if there was any form of physical relationship when their 'sons' were still students but i do know that one of the godma/godson affairs developed further and now they even share the conjugal bed. the woman, a graduate, married her former godson, who is about twelve years her junior.

i have lost touch with the other ex-colleague, so i am not sure of the outcome of the other relationship.


Icemoon said...

I'm more interested in goddaughter to lover story. Do you know of any?

doris said...

male teachers do marry their female pupils but i've not heard of the reverse till now.

yg said...

icemoon, my former colleague doris answered your question. cases of man teachers marrying their students are more common. these men usually pursue their subjects of interest after they have left school.

nah said...

Bottom line is… this is adultery, an illicit sex affair, not for love but lust.
The fact is she is a role model and a teacher! She took a huge risk for herself and family embarrassment.
If and what she did was not right, the kid is no angel himself. They both knew what they were doing and the consequences. She is human just like everyone else and made a terrible mistake.
But… this teacher is imparting Sex Education in school, except that Sex Education is taught at a high price.