Sunday, February 1, 2009

by the bank of sungei serangoon

a friend, who lives at hougang avenue 7, has described this stretch by the bank of the sungei serangoon as a nature sanctuary - birds, fish and greenery. he has invited me to join him in the morning for his walk along the serangoon park connector, the stretch that follows the sungei serangoon. because of the distance (from my place) and his not fixed schedule, i have yet to take up his invitation.

today, after seeing ivy and ian off at the airport, i decided to take a drive to hougang avenue 7 to check out the place. i already have some idea about this place after reading this post in seenthisscenethat's blog.

sungei serangoon is wide for a singapore river. although the water is so murky that you can hardly see anything beneath the surface, there were quite a few anglers hoping for a catch at a few points along the park connector. however, i did not see any lucky catch.

dredging of the river bed has been going on for sometime. there were two machines at work, one with a single bucket and the other with a two-bucket scoop. i think the dredging is to remove the silt and at the same time to deepen the river.

at regular intervals, along this side of the river, there are signs warning people against going into the water. from what i can see, by watching the arm of the dredge as it goes in to scoop the silt, the river is quite deep.

when i reached the end or beginning of this section of the park connector, i realised that this is part of the river that i always marvelled at when i look at it from the tampines expressway. i have often wondered ' how come there is such a nice river in this part of singapore'. it drains into the serangoon harbour and its other end is that of a canal somewhere in defu lane.


SeenThisSceneThat said...

with the river so murky, I wonder if the fishes caught are really fit for consumption?

yg said...

i thunk if the fish can survive in that kind of water, then it must be edible.

Anonymous said...

i have seen the foreign workers fishing there with their nets. fishes caught are mainly tilapia and catfish. on some days the water is clear and you can see lots of fishes in it. however, i wouldnt eat them.