Saturday, February 14, 2009

what the majority think may not be always right

in her email to the people in the walking group, seck yeong mentioned the 'visitors centre' at botanic gardens as the meeting point. most of us had assumed that the visitors centre was the one nearer to tanglin gate, near the taman serasi food centre.

as it turned out, we learnt that the official visitors centre is the one located in the central core of the gardens, nearer to the symphony pond. jennifer was the only one who went to the 'right' place but she had to make her way to meet the rest who had gathered at the mistaken place.

albert, nah and i parked our cars at the free car-park near the royal tanglin golf course and walked the 200m to the assumed meeting point. ron sim - who has always been busy and away on business trips - joined the walk for the first time. also with us for the first time was chung hoi's husband. so, today, we had ten walkers.

sometimes when you have a new member, you learn new things. today, ron introduced us to the rainforest trail located with the botanic gardens. there is a write-up about the trail here.

as usual, the highlight of our walk was the makan session at taman serasi food court. we walked for about an hour and ate and talked for about two hours. much of the talk centred around the present teaching scene.

this is the balestier group's second time at botanic gardens.


JollyGreenP said...

YG, you are so lucky having the Singapore Botanical Gardens almost on your doorstep. My wife and I always spend a lot of time there when we visit Singapore. It is probably one of the best botanical gardens in the world.


Icemoon said...

I think there are four couples in the photo right? If so, then at least the husband or the wife must have been your ex-colleague.

This begs the question .. where is Ivy's mum?

yg said...

icemoon, you like to play detective. of the 8 in the photo, 6are couples. identify the two who are not married to each other. they are all my former students except for one couple, who are the church friends of my ex-students.
nah and i were taking pictures. my wife seldom joins us for our walk.

yg said...

yes, john, the botanic gardens is really a nice place. they are continually upgrading the place. soon the mrt will stop there.
by the way, is the gallstone causing you pain?

Icemoon said...

I think could be the third and fourth from left.

Both husband and wife are your former students?! You must have got them together in school issit, so they have you in eternal gratitude.

Lam Chun See said...

John. I heard they are going to build another 2 'world class' (sigh ... in Spore everything must be world class) botanical gardens in the Marina Bay area. When they are ready, can we expect any visit. Brian & Tess Mitchell are coming next month. They too like plants.

Victor said...

Yg, next time can post this type of photo as a quiz:

1. Who is married to whom?

2. Which two are just dating?

3. Who are ex-students, who are church friends.

Will be a lot of fun for Icemoon. :p