Friday, February 6, 2009

why is this man doing this?

why is this man drawing water with a pail from the macritchie reservoir?

choose the correct answer:

1 he is training for singapore's first well-water drawing competition organised by some heritage body.

2 he is collecting water to wash the dirty portable toilets at the macritchie park.

3 he is going to use the water to water the plants at the reservoir park.

4 he is collecting water to fill up a swimming pool at lornie road.

Correct answer: No. 3


Victor said...

I choose Ans No. 5 - He is collecting water to wash his car?

2ndshot said...

I choose No. 6 - none of the above.

JollyGreenP said...

As he is wearing a white coat it is probably no. 2 he is cleaning out the portable toilet or alternatively it is 7. He is a lab assistant taking a sample of water to carry out Biological Oxygen Demand BOD analysis.

fr said...

Ans: 1

Lam Chun See said...

I think it is no. 2. The uniform looks familiar. MacRitchie is venue to all kinds of events like X-country, company family days etc. So quite possible they have mobile toilets.

nah said...

This man was having an outing with his family at the park. His little children shouted. “Ayah, ada banyat ikan”. He wanted to make his children happy. He got a pail, tied a few ropes to the pail to extend it, threw the pail into the water, tilted it, waited for a while to allow the fish to swim into it, and hurriedly pulled it up to see whether he had managed to trap any.

yg said...

alamak! most of the quiz participants chose to come up with their own answers. straight forward question only needs straight forward answer; no need to anaylse, theorize or probe some deep into it. only fr and chun see gave direct answers.
to illustrate this point. when a woman poses you this question: guess my age range: (1) 35 - 45 (2) 45 - 50 (3) 50 - 55 (4) 55 - 60, you don't go and suggest answers like (5), i think you are much older than 60 or (6) your physique indicates that you are far too old. of course, you know the answer has to be (4) but to flatter her, you say (1).
anyway, for the man drawing water from the reservoir, the straight forward answer is (3).

Victor said...

IMHO (forum speak for "in my humble opinion") it is unlikely for a smart woman to pose such a quiz - the one about her age that is and not the one about the pail which was posed by a smart man. (By the way, this is not flattery to women in general or the man in particular.)

No, I am not a sore loser. No one got the right answer anyway. This shows that the question is far too difficult for all of us. You might as well ask us what colour underwear he was wearing. Icemoon's expected answer to that one would be "none".