Friday, February 20, 2009

re-uniting over the years




i think this is our 12th annual gathering. we have been doing this even before we moved to bukit panjang. we had started inviting my indian friends over for chinese new year dinner when we lived at towner road.

the composition of the group has remained more or less unchanged. the original members were victor and helen samuel, mr and mrs balendra, mr and mrs nara and ramachandran. sethi joined us about three years later, when we shifted to bukit panjang.

practically every year, for the past eleven years, by some coincidence, we would meet on the day of the chingay procession. after the makan, we would adjourn to watch the show on tv. this year, we decided on a change of day but it still fell within the 15-day celebration of the chinese new year.

the food, has over the years, evolved to become the healthier kind. these days, we have more vegetable than meat dishes. what has not changed is the 'lo hei' at the start of the dinner.

this year, even the yu sheng was different. for the past decade, we would buy our yu sheng from someone who prepared it at home. this year, we bought the commercially packed type, shredded our own carrot, radish and cucumber and added in smoked salmon bought from the supermarket.

mr and mrs nara could not join us because of some preparation for thaipusam.


Lam Chun See said...

I think this is an excellent tradition.

yg said...

chun see, it actually started with my indian friends inviting me to their homes for deepavali. we reciprocated and we have kept it going.