Sunday, November 16, 2008

another bridge linking the mainland to an island

the last time i saw a new bridge linking the mainland to an island was in 2007. that was when i saw the cable stayed bridge linking the mainland to pulau keppel, formerly known as pulau hantu. today, while exploring the area around the lower seletar reservoir, i saw a new bridge in the distance.

it turned out to be a road bridge that will link the mainland to pulau punggol. at the moment, there is also a temporary causeway that links the mainland to pulau punggol barat. construction work is also going on to have a causeway to link pulau punggol barat to pulau punggol timor.

on the left side of the bridge is a place called the jenal jetty. did not see anyone around but saw a number of cockerels in the backyard. further back, there are at least three walkways built over the water that led to some flimsy wooden sheds.

to the right of the bridge, you can see the planes on the seletar airfield.

eventually the road across the bridge to punggol island will be linked to the seletar expressway (sle) and the tampines expressway (tpe).


Andy said...

Hey yg! The 2nd and 3rd picture is the "house" of my friend's(a malay boatman)
I often take his boat out for fishing session in the Punggol and Changi waters.

Andy said...

3rd and 4th picture i mean

yg said...

andy, thanks for the info. i did not see anyone around when i went near the house.

Andy said...

Yep. They are normally around in the early morning and evening where they gather their catches from bubu traps and nets etc. After they gather their catches, they will seperate accordingly and sell to the wet market for "hard earned" cash =|

Guess you were welcomed by the mossies over there ? Haha.

shaari1970 said...

for your info, the caretaker/owner of Jenal Jetty has PASSED away on 17 JUN 2009.. The ownership has been taken over by the late mr Jenal wife, Mdm Sakdiah.. In respect to him, the name Jenal Jetty is still being used..