Monday, February 9, 2009

interpretation of signs

goodmorningyesterday blogged about the many signs found in our nature park in this posting. most of us will not have much problem understanding the signs because the captions that accompany them are in english.

however, for visitors and foreigners who do not understand english, the signs are open to different intepretations depending on their experiences and their imagination.

these are two interpretations of the above sign:

(1) a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

(2) don't squeeze the bird so hard till it hurts.

some people may think that this sign says:

(1) don't offer your banana to the monkey.

(2) don't tempt the monkey with bananas.

(3) don't peel the banana for the monkey, it can do it very well itself.

i came across this sign in one of our nature reserves. it comes without any caption. so, what do you think is the intended message in this sign?


ordinary guy said...

Lokks like the 3rd photo would suggest "Watch Out For Vehicles"? Then it could only be the Park Ranger's vehicle given that no other vehicles should be travelling inside the nature reserves? Just a hunch.

fr said...

I guess the same too: Watch out for vehicles ahead.

nah said...

The message is: "Peeping Toms around. Hanky-Panky in your car at your own risk".

peter said...

No making luv in this reserve

JollyGreenP said...

Watch out for a plum like fruit that contains a car in the stone.

Victor said...

Tunnel ahead.

Andy said...

We are watching you !

Victor said...

Ada jaga kereta di sini." (There's car watchman service here.)

yg said...

this sign is found along the mountain bike trail in the bukit timah nature reserve. there are two identical signs, one each just before the sides of an old road.
i will go along with ordinary guy and fr, that's: 'watch out for motor vehicles'.
as it is a matter of interpretation, all reasonable answers are acceptable.
as i have said, how you interpret it may be influenced by your experiences.

nah said...

My interpretations of the first two signs are:
"Don't grip too hard, even a strong bird will yell".
"Don't expose your banana, even an old monkey will get excited".

Lam Chun See said...

I am eyeing your car.