Friday, December 12, 2008

where is this former (old) chapel?

1 where is this former (old) chapel located? 39c harding rd

2 when was it built? 1940s

3 what is its present use? bar and restaurant

4 what is the name of the church that was built to replace this chapel?

no answer. i had thought that st george's church (picture, below) was built to replace this garrison church. it is not possible because st george's was built earlier, in 1911. st george's actually replaced another chapel built in the 19th century.


peter said...

Have u seen one other chapel in Minden Road next to a field which was once the signals center of the British Army? Not the St George's Church but down a road midway between Minden Road and Dempsey Road. Now abandoned.

peter said...

I think your photo is the one I described. Built before WW2 I am sure.

PChew said...

I think Peter is talking about the Ebenezer Chapel in Minden. It is now used as a restaurant-bar called The White Rabbit.

Seen This Scene That said...

My guess:
(1)39C Harding Road
(2)The White Rabbit, restaurant/bar

yg said...

all of you know the whereabout of this old chapel - minden rd is close to harding rd. mr chew even provided the name of the chapel. however, seenthisscenethat is the only one who got all the correct answers.