Tuesday, December 2, 2008

early morning sights at changi village

i was at changi village before 7.00 a.m. on saturday. somehow, the place looks so fresh as if recharged and ready with an abundance of energy to tackle the new day. the boats to penggerang and pulau ubin were all lined up at the jetty waiting to ferry the first loads of adventure seekers and holiday makers across the waters.

the low lights from the sun seem to illuminate the buildings, the boats and the structures, such as the stone bridge. the whole place seems to take on a new and refreshing look. everything is more cheery, although things appear to move at a slower pace.

the birds, especially, were up, bright and early in the morning. big flocks were circling around and the red breasted parakeets were making loud noises in the trees, oblivious to the few people around the car-park.

up, on one of the taller trees, i saw a white cockatoo. the binoculars came in handy; i could make it out from among the rest of the birds. cockatoos, although not natives to singapore, have been sighted all over the island. i have seen one along sixth avenue and three at the rifle range area.

the other birds in the sky were also making their way to other places. i did not see many coming in to land, though. in the evening, it is the other way around; more metal birds coming in than going out. i am talking about the aeroplanes taking off from the four terminals at changi.

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