Wednesday, December 17, 2008

markers of another kampong

these are markers of a kampong that once existed near the check-point on our side of the causeway. i had seen the kampong while making trips to west malaysia but made no effort to visit it or to find out more about it. now that its existence has been almostly totally erased, i have come to realise the importance of recording such things for posterity. up to around the late 80s, i could still see some of the wooden houses that were constructed over the water and by the edge of it.

the majority of the people who lived in this seaside kampong would have been resettled to marsiling and woodlands housing estates nearby. most of the villagers then depended on the sea for their livelihood. they were either fishermen or boatmen.

there was also this interesting festival which the villagers organised called the 'jong festival'. jongs are miniature sailboats.

because the kampong was around until the end of the 80s by whcih time people were more aware of the need to preserve the past, even if it was in the form of photographs. many pictures were taken, just before this village was demolished, to record the past of this woodlands area. one of the pictures is shown below.

the only markers left are this metal fence with a short stretch of paved road behind it that leads to the malaysian railway track.

(photo from national archives of singapore)

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Ah 9 said...

Kampung Fatimah?

I once come across a small video clip of "kampung life", it was on some local education site. Couldn't find it now. Sad