Monday, December 1, 2008

senior citizen ezlink card

one of the things some of us old folks look forward to when we hit the big 6-O is the senior citizen ez-link card which entitles you to concessionary travel on buses and trains after 9.00 a.m. on weekdays and whole day on weekends and public holidays. you hear the sweet 'ti ti' sound instead of the single 'ti'.

senior citizens pay 70 cents to ride in an air-con bus and 66 cents in a non air-con bus. for train, the concession fare ranges from 70 cents to $1.35. on buses returning from johor bahru, senior citizens pay 90 sen. (i have learnt from my experienced friend not to use the ez-link card when travelling from johor bahru to s'pore; pay cash and you pay less.)

the form to apply for a senior citizen ezlink card is available at all mrt stations. it normally takes two weeks to process, so you should start sending in your application a fornight before you 60th birthday. you need a passport photo and a photostated copy of the front and back of your singapore identity card.

to activate the card, you need to go to any ticket office with the card, pay $3 travel deposit and $3 personalisation fee and a minimum $10 for the stored value.


Victor said...

Must we also be bald to qualify? (The cartoon seems to suggest so.)

Lam Chun See said...

And moustache also :)

yg said...

that will disqualify me - i am not bald and i don't (cannot) sport a moustache.