Saturday, December 6, 2008

snake kept on a chicken farm

it is common for snakes, especially pythons, to sneak into the chicken pens at night to have a feast of the vulnerable birds. the chickens are indeed easy prey for the python. workers on this farm have to be on the alert for such an attack. the snake usually launch its attack in the night or early hours of the morning.

on this farm, they caught the python but let it live on - in a cage - as a pet. not exactly as a pet but as a source of income. the workers feed the python and when it has attained a certain size, they will sell it off for its skin. the buyer is willing to pay $3.35 for one kilogram. a python which weighs 20 kilograms will be worth about $67.

python is a common name for non-poisonous snakes of boa and python family. pythons are large and muscular, and kill their prey by squeezing, or constricting, until it suffocates. although most feed on small mammals, some large species can kill and swallow small pigs and goats. rarely have they killed humans.

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