Monday, December 22, 2008

what will be the name of this stretch?

come 2010, this is the view you will enjoy when you walk along the 1.5km coastal promenade to the 9-hectare park. the old jetty nearby will be refurbished to allow for recreational activities. there is another jetty in this area, a functional one; it is an oil bunkering jetty which belongs to the shell petroleum company. what will be the name of this stretch of coastline that faces the johor skyline?

the promenade, in the form of a boardwalk, will be built over the seawall to allow visitors to get closer to the water's edge.

the area where the 9-hectare park will be developed used to house some workshops and a junkyard. my previous car was serviced and sometimes repaired by a malaysian mechanic who had a workshop there. there was also a car spray-painting workshop adjacent to it. when we needed some cosmetic job done to our cars, we would visit this workshop.

i have one regret when i think of the memories i could have captured along this stretch of road. up to almost the 90s, there was this structure, which was part of the pillars of a gate known as the rotterdam gate. i took a picture of it for some school project but i have not been able to find that particular photograph. i should have taken more pictures.

at the moment, this is a pleasant place for a walk or jog because traffic is very light and you have a good view of the causeway and the johor waterfront. at low tide, you see the occasional fisherman casting his net in the sea.

where sungei china drains into the straits of johor, this is a favourite spot for a troop of monkeys. in the past, i have seen residents from the nearby marsiling estate feeding them but now they having stopped doing so.

eventually, this stretch will be connected by a park connector to the newly opened admiralty park and the woodlands town garden.

answer: this stretch will be called the woodlands waterfront.


peter said...

Is that the section between the causeway and the former Naval Base? I used to think there was "KD Malaya", the former Malaysian naval base. If what I am seeing is correct, is the old jetty still there and the buildings of the old Malaysian naval base? I once saw train running down that section in 1969 after coming back from JB. Just wondered whether the old track is still there?

peter said...

I mean 1959, not 1969

yg said...

yes, peter. the malaysian naval base was located at the place where nparks is developing a 9-hectare park and the administrative centre of the naval base was at the present admiralty west prison. the old jetty is the one used by the malaysian navy when they were based in s'pore.
i do not know about the railway track. must check that out.