Wednesday, December 10, 2008

old water tanks at dairy farm nature park

of late, i have been taking walks at the soon-to-be-opened dairy farm nature reserve because of the interestings finds i have made, like the betel plant, the birdwing butterfly and the physalis minima (chinese lantern plant).

i always make it a point to walk to where the dilapidated building (in the above picture) stands. during the durian season, i have even gone to the back of the house to check out the durian tree but i did not realise, until this morning, the existence of these water tanks (top picture) just behind the buildings.

these buildings will be refurbished to serve as the rangers station and volunteers' lounge. looks like it will take a bit longer than the scheduled date - which is the end of 2008 - for the office to be ready for occupation. not much work has been carried out here. the main part of it - the classrooms and the visitors' centre - is nearing completion.

another discovery that i made this morning is that there is a well-used track, just next to the water tanks, that links the dairy farm area to the bukit timah nature reserve. now i know why i sometime hear voices, coming from within the forested area, when i am near the old warehouse.

in the 1830s, this area was a gambier (a tropical vine used for tanning and dyeing) plantation. that explained the need for a lot of water and the water tanks. over at the old warehouse, there are two big wells have been preserved.

up to the late 70s, there was still a dairy farm in this area. i remember visiting it with some of my primary school's pupils.

the heritage of this area will be showcased at the visitors' centre.


Lam Chun See said...

I haven't been to this area for a long time. Maybe I should check it out. After all, it is very near my house; maybe 6 or 7 km at most.

Anything interesting to see there; like plants, walking paths? How about parking?


peter said...

Want to buy contraband like cigarettes? One spot along Dairy Farm Road was used as a meeting spot for traders at nite.

yg said...

chun see, work has not been completed at the nature park. there are two carparks for visitors: one is at the junction of upper bt timah rd and dairy farm rd, next the salvation army ship; and the other is at 100 dairy farm rd. both are not open to the public yet.
there is a new path just before the access rd to the moe dairy farm adventure camp.

yg said...

i don't see the cigarette peddlers anymore, not at petir rd or opposite the yew tee industrial park at old woodlands rd.
but, the other night, when i was driving along mandai rd at around 12 midnight, i saw a lone peddler.

Tom said...

Tom said...
YG been reading through your blog site, and its very interesting I like it.

yg said...

hello tom, thks for visiting. glad you like it.