Thursday, December 11, 2008

fishing and buying fish at lck end

these were among some others that were dumped on the wooden jetty at lim chu kang end. they were 'rejects' by this cast net fisherman, who after hauling them up, decided that they were not worth his effort and just left them on the boardwalk. i rescued them by throwing them back into the sea.

at low-tide, sometimes, i see foreign workers, especially thai, sloshing in the mud to collect mussels. the mussels are usually stuck to the drums of the floating pontoons

at lim chu kang end, you can buy fish and mussels from the fish-farms off the coast of lim chu kang or from some 'part-time' fishermen. there is one who catches tilipias (ikan jepun) from the sea off sungei buloh and sells them to his regular customers. the marine tilipias are preferred to the fresh water ones as they do not have that 'muddy' taste when cooked. they are quite sizeable, about 30cm in length and come in two colours, the normal and red. occasionally, he also brings in flower crabs.

the other day, i talked to one of the fish-farm owners. he was selling packets of live small fish - bigger than fries - to one of his regular customers. he explained to me that his buyer was a aquarium-shop owner. he buys the small fish for his own customers who will be using them as bait. these small fish must be used for deep-sea fishing (read peter's marlin derby at cabo san lucas) because the bait is about 10cm long.

another place where you can buy fish from small-time fishermen is the dam at lower seletar reservoir. once, when i was there at around 6.30 a.m., i saw a small group of people - who looked like potential customers - gathered around some piles of fish left on the ground by the roadside.

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Joe said...

The other day when I was at the Lim Chu Kang jetty, I saw them unloading many containers of milk fish and mullet.