Saturday, December 27, 2008

mark & michelle's church wedding reception


some pictures taken at michelle's church wedding reception. the ceremony was held at catholic church of st ignatius, 120 kings road. the food - catered by grand hyatt - was good but i did not eat much because of the crowd - there were more than 600 guests. no, there was more than enough food but i was just not comfortable eating with so many unfamiliar people. ida and i became lobsters after drinking a glass of champagne each.

the wedding dinner will be held tomorrow night at amary sanctuary resort, sentosa.

more pictures tomorrow.

go to this site to view wedding photos.


peter said...

These days, I find the wedding practices very different. Church weddings now end with a big party, not like last time when it was just a "reception" with simple food like drinks and pastries. Then also got traditional Chinese dinner.

I wonder what will I do if I got "second chance"? What about you guys?

yg said...

peter, we belong to a different era. nowadays, young people do thing differently at weddings. i have seen the bridegroom and his entourage performing ludicrous and suggestive acts before they are allowed access into the bride's (parents) home.
if got 2nd chance, i would do it discreetly. why would i want to attract attention?

Victor said...

Peter, did you mean 2nd chance to hold wedding reception or 2nd chance to marry again? Even if it is the latter, I have heard of couples who have been married for 50 years "re-marrying" each other again. So don't fret, you still got chance.

peter said...

I mean the wedding reception. I prefer to do away with unnecessary formalities. Even 25 years ago, I thot I should do it BUT overuled by my parents and my in-laws. They thot I too modern. I preferred pool-side, a live band and buffet style makan. I dont like the idea of inviting bcos a) can make $$$, b) must tell the whole world, c) show face or show power and d) must be at nite or give pig bcos mainstream practices.

For me it should be simple and small bcos how many friends you really know in life? I mean true and good buddy sort. I just came back from a wedding buffet at Conrad Hilton. Lovely bcos a) lunctime, b) 5 course Chinese and western desert, c) no audio-video movie to show-off who am I...that kind of thing, d)soft string music, e) no Yam Seng, f) no people you dont know, g) you cna choose to sit where you like and move around over drinks to meet other people.....

I know couples/in-laws quarrel over church wedding; whether should be held in Catholic church or Independent church bcos one sect preaches the truth and the other worship idols (lots of rubbish talk these days. Have you seen preacher praying in the US with General Motor cars on stage becos praying for a miracle to happen?))....That goodness the groom is catholic but bride is free-thinker and everybody agreed the bride was right to follow her husband's religion for the ceremony.

Icemoon said...

Erm, Peter, your son is definitely older than 25.

I think wedding reception is for the parents to invite their relatives and friends too. it is their celebration 'cos their child is getting married.

On the traditional wedding invitation card, the parents invite the guest, not the bride or groom.