Thursday, November 13, 2008

where, in s'pore, can you find these lamp-posts?

these lamp-posts (street lamps?) are located in one place in singapore. where can you find them? ostensibly to test if you are aware of your surroundings when you go for your nature walk but really to find out if you have been ogling at legs and bums and things that bounce when you are taking your morning or evening jaunt.

if you don't answer correctly, then we can surmise where your eyes normally stray when you are out on your exercise days.

this is one place every singaporean would have visited as a student.


Seen This Scene That said...

I admit that my eyes are not fixed on lamp posts during my visit to parks. In fact when I take photos, I try to keep lamp posts out of view. Looking at these interesting shots, perhaps I should pay more attention to them.

Icemoon said...

Opps, we are all guilty of ogling at the wrong things. :P

Hmm, could it be MacRitchie? The place is old enough for every Singaporean to visit as a student.

yg said...

icemoon, very good guess. it is macritchie park but you may find quite similar ones at other places.