Saturday, November 22, 2008

ponggol hotel?

i was going through my match-box collection when i came across this match-box from ponggol hotel. it puzzles me. i can somewhat recall seeing a hotel in pasir ris long ago but a hotel in ponggol, i cannot remember.

according to the information on the match-box, the hotel was located at the end of track 24, off ponggol road. i cannot find it in my 1969 street directory. which means the hotel could have existed earlier, in the 50s, perhaps?

i remember between tracks 24 and 26, there was a small village and there was a community centre at track 24. up to the 80s, when secondary 3 students attended the 5-day obs course, the pre-course briefing was done at this community centre.

there was a boatel at track 26 but i still cannot picture where the hotel could have been. according to the illustration on the match-box, it appears to be located near the coast.


peter said...

It's not like a typical Geylang or a downtown hotel building. It was a series of bungalows, one of which converted into a hotel. I think it's more like a motel for lovers. I last saw it in 1976 or 1977. Opposite was Yap Boatel.

I am not sure if you also can recall. Just after Upper Serangoon Road ( after a Catholic church) at the junction with a road that turned left into Pungool Road, there was a big wooden advertisement signboard. On it were the names of some boatels in Pungool. Can you remember the name?

Icemoon said...

I think Peter is referring to Church of Nativity. IIRC, the Church used to own land in Punggol, where the seminary is located?

Btw, what's the church on the map? Seems a little high up for Nativity, but it's on the wrong side for St. Anne.

Icemoon said...

But the Chinese name very funny leh. For a motel, they dare to call it a 'big hotel'. Also the name says 'night-club'.

yg said...

i think the seminary is on the other side of ponggol, nearer to ponggol 17th ave.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Track 24 together with the Malay Kampong and the community center on Track 24. Anybody who lived there knows about the three provision shop. One was a chinese family, one was indian and one small one by Top Pisa who is owned by an old lady. You could get kueh in the morning outside her shop where families bring their kueh. She has chicken running around the area and a mangostene fruit tree behind her house.

There were actually two marinas on Track 24 there. One was opposite the community center and once was right at the end of the Track 24. The hotel was very popular in the 70s with many company functions who would bring bus loads of people from companies to the hotel for recreation. They will be singing competition inside the restaurant. There was a pond with 2 dragons in the middle of the place and a bridge across. Food was served but by the late 70s most people did not dine there anymore. There was a marina beside the hotel there. The motel/hotel were single rooms on two storeys. The Ow family BOUGHT from the previous owners in the70s. The Ow family also owned one of the 3 seafood restaurants at Ponggol End together with Hock Kee and Choong Seng.

Aaron Low said...

Thanks for the memories, very accurate description of the Ponggol End Seafood restaurants. The Ow family is my neighbour.

Aaron Low said...

Thanks for the memories, very accurate description of the Ponggol End Seafood restaurants. The Ow family is my neighbour.