Monday, November 3, 2008

most number of coupons displayed

what is the most number of parking coupons you have seen displayed on the dashboard of a parked vehicle? what is the greatest total value of the parking coupons which you have seen displayed?

this truck parked outside the sri murugan (on the) hill temple along upper bukit timah road had on display twenty $2 parking coupons. that is forty dollars in total value for parking the vehicle in an open car-park lot for five days. good thing for him, it is free parking after 5.00 p.m. and on sunday, it is totally free.

he could have parked at certain places further away for free, and that would have saved him forty dollars.


Lam Chun See said...

YG. You move around a lot don't you? One day you are at S. Buloh, another day Changi, Dairy Farm, Kranji, MacRitchie etc. etc. Is this temple in Woodlands Rd or Upp Bt Timah?

yg said...

ya, like my friend says: see more places. after all, i have the time and the inclination. i join two groups of weekly walkers and one group of monthly walkers, so this takes me to different places. on other days, i walk on my own. sunday is off day.

this hindu temple is along upper bt timah, just before woodlands rd.

nah said...

well, he is so free, he likes to 'klkk'.

Victor said...

People may mistake you to be a car park attendant and come running to their cars because they have not displayed any car park coupons.