Thursday, November 27, 2008

what you can bring in from malaysia

was on sbs service 170 going to johor bahru when i saw this handy handout listing the items that you can bring into singapore from malaysia without an ava permit.

looks like when you go kelong fishing in malaysia, like pulau sibu, and bring in up to 5kg of the seafood (that you have caught or bought) for your own personal consumption.

fruit and vegetables can be brought in in reasonably small quantities. i suppose one basket of durians from tangkak is not considered large quantity.

for processed food, the limit is up to 5kg or 5 litres. which means if they sell you cooking oil, you can bring in this item.

for aquarium or ornamental fish, up to 30 fish in 3 litres of water. but it must be non-endangered fish, so no arrowana. i wonder if small pets, like hamster and rabbit, are allowed in.

up to 3 plants without potting per passenger. so, if you have four passsengers in your vehicle, you are entitled to 12 medium sized plants.

i just found out that eggs cannot be brought in although we import most of our eggs from malaysia. meat which includes beef, pork, chicken and mutton is out. does it mean that duck meat is okay to be brought in?

no mention of dvd and vcds. still getting them from johor bahru at rm$5 each. so far, have not had any problem bringing in small quantities for personal 'comsumption'.


Lam Chun See said...

Last week I came back with 1 big ice box of fishes that I caught at the kelong. Definitely more than 5 kg and faced no issues. My friend has been doing it for years.

So don't worry people.

yg said...

so, don't have to worry about bringing home all your catch. the '5kg' is just a guide.

peter said...

what about curry fish head, roast duck, etc???? can or not?

why sell pirated software?