Tuesday, November 4, 2008

plovers at upper peirce reservoir

my morning walk took me to upper peirce reservoir park. this is one of the less accessible parks, if you do not drive, and so there are not many visitors. but, it is one of the best places if you want to enjoy peace and tranquility.

as i walked on the embankment at the edge of the island country club's golf course, i came upon a flock of plovers. i guess they must be plovers because i have seen replicas of them at the sungei buloh wetland reserve's display area.

these plovers are smaller in size than the masked plovers i met at the upper seletar reservoir park.

the reservoir is teeming with fish. saw a number of schools (maybe, should say 'classes' because the number was not that big) of fish. there were two types but i was not able to identify them. one group appeared to look like the dwarf snakehead and the other looked like tilapia.

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