Friday, November 14, 2008

the canna flowers of west coast park 3

each time i visit west coast park, especially park 3, a different type of plant will catch my attention. the last visit was the trumpet flowers; today, i noticed the canna flowers of different colours and hues. the flowering cannas are right in the middle, near the car-park.

somehow, i prefer west coast park to the very popular and congested east coast park. here, you really have space to take in the greenery and to move around quite freely, without worrying about infringing upon somebody else's space. i saw groups playing ultimate frisbees, touch rugby and soccer in the very expansive field.

if you have a young family, you will find west coast park a haven. my blogger friend seenthis scenethat extols the attractiveness of the park here. today, as i watched the parents bonding with their children at play, i recall the time when my two girls were younger and the picnics we used to have at parks and beaches.

if you are learning to ride a bicycle - it's a pity there is no bicycle rental facilities here - here is a good place to start. the paths are wide and level at most places and best of all, you do not encounter so many people along the way.

i went to look for the family of lesser whistling ducks living among the reeds in the marsh. all eight of them were accounted for and they were feeding happily in the same area with the fish. the ducks are usually at the first marsh site, the one nearer to the car-park.

the only food outlet here is the macdonald's cafe and restaurant. however, if you want a place with ambience, you can take a shot walk to the republic of singapore yacht club's restaurants where members of the public can eat and pay using their credit card.

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Lam Chun See said...

When my kids were quite young, we used to go to West Coast Park. Usually we would go to the one next to this present one - it was demolished a few years ago to build the container port. There used to be a pond there. My kids would cycle - children's bikes, which we could squeeze two into the boot, and I would jog.

There used to be a birds sanctuary there too.