Thursday, November 20, 2008

significance of banana trees at gate of hindu temple

on a few occasions, i have seen cut banana trees, laden with fruit, adorning the entrance of this hindu temple and also at other hindu temples. according to my friend, this usually means that a wedding is being held at the temple or some important hindu festival is being celebrated.

being an emblem of plenty and fertility, the banana tree is frequently used in indian festivals. during the marriage ceremonies of the hindus, the stems that are laden with their bracnhes of fruit are placed at the gate of the temple.

every part of the banana tree is of use. they also use the leaves, together with brilliantly coloured materials to decorate the temporary tents on such occasions. if you are attending a wedding at a temple, you are likely to serve the food on a banana leaf instead of western cutlery.

all parts of the plant are useful in one way or the other. the fruit may be eaten raw or as a cooked vegetable. the fruit taken regularly prevents night blindness and purifies the blood. other parts of the banana plant are consumed besides the fruit. the heart of the growing stem is eaten. the flower is also eaten as a boiled vegetable.

the leaves and the stem are also used as cattle feed in some parts of india. the fibre obtained from the plant is used for making ropes, mats, coarse paper and paper pulp.

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