Monday, April 20, 2009

what fruit is this?

flower and fruit of the monkey apple

resembling a small soursop, this fruit is native to south america. it is grown as a roadside tree along certain 'lanes' in lim chu kang. even the flower of the fruit and the seeds resemble those of the soursop.

unlike the soursop, however, the fruit changes from green, before it matures, to yellow when it is ripe.

if you want to know more about this fruit, check out this website.

this is called the monkey apple or pond apple. in some places, it is called the alligator apple.

a recent study suggests that its alcoholic seed extract contains anticancer compounds that could be used pharmaceutically.

on a related topic, someone sent me this about the cure for cancer.

as i have already given you the name of the first fruit, now it is for you to guess the name of the second fruit. what is this fruit (in the picture directly above)? clue (especially helpful to icemoon): it is not a nutmeg. may be another picture may help.


Betty said...

Is it chempedek?

yg said...

close-up shots can mislead.

yg said...

betty, i think i have misled you. the question is for the picture at the bottom. my apologies.
the top picture shows a monkey apple.

nah said...

When cut open, it has a testicular appearance outwardly, and a scrotum look internally. It is very hairy, and will turn red to show maturity. Nicknamed as ‘harry tan’, but is usually called by the malay name ‘

yg said...

based on the 1st picture, it would be difficult to tell that it is a rambutan.