Thursday, April 16, 2009

a tunnel for mountain bikers

i think i am having tunnel vision these days. saw two railway tunnels lately and today i went to re-visit another tunnel. i had seen this tunnel the last time when i walked with victor samuel and jason ong from the dairy farm quarry to the bukit timah nature reserve.

it is not big enough to take a railway track but there is enough space and height for a mountain biker to ride through. i find the bikers, whom i often meet during my walks, a disciplined lot. they follow the directional sign which says 'one way only'. so, at this tunnel, the bikers who are passing through are those travelling from quarry view towards the dairy farm quarry track.

this tunnel is under the disused road that leads to the singapore quarry, which is scheduled to be open soon. the tunnel must have been constructed during the time when the quarry was still in operation.

although i have walked from the moe dairy farm adventure campsite to the bukit timah nature reserve a few times, i will not encourage other walkers or nature lovers to take this route. much of the trail is meant for bikers and on a weekend, you are bound to meet some of them along the way. the track is tight and narrow and sometimes the bikers may not see you until the last minute. you have to be very alert and you should make way for the biker/s.

something on this signboard caught my eyes and made me wonder. some boys scouts from america came all the way here to make some contribution to the improvement of the bike trail. if you cannot read the words at the bottom, let me help you. it says: community service project by the boy scouts of america. why couldn't/didn't our local scouts undertake the project?

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