Sunday, April 12, 2009

don't get excited , it's only a leaf

it does appear obscene but it is just a common leaf. most national serviceman soldiers - which means any male s'porean below the age of 58 - will know the plant from which this leaf comes. during their training in their wooded areas, when they had nothing to do, they could have played with the leaves of this plant. i think this plant is more a shrub than a tree. it is a common plant in singapore.

what is the name of the plant? quite a number of people have blogged about this leaf/plant.


Victor said...

Common local/army name: CB leaf
Common Malay name: Simpoh Ayer
Scientific name: Dillenia suffructicosa

See this link.

stanley said...

Ha..ha..ha... what an uncanny resemblance to the female virg**a.

yg said...
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yg said...

we were on a ramble through the woods when a female member in the group showed me this .... i mean, the leaf.

fr said...

Haha .. where got female thing green one

Icemoon said...

We didn't play with the plant. In fact, I didn't know how it got its name. In army everything is just CB this, CB that.

We used it as a mat, for our butt, on muddy ground.

Icemoon said...

> Haha .. where got female thing green one

fr, Incredible Hulk female version.